Making Workers' Compensation Work Right for Minnesota's Union Construction Industry


In 1996, the Board of Trustees of the Union Construction Workers' Compensation Program selected Wilson-McShane Corporation to develop and administer their vision for an alternative workers' compensation benefit delivery system. Wilson-McShane hired Kevin Gregerson to create and administer this negotiated workers' compensation program, the only one of its kind in Minnesota.


Union Construction Workers' Compensation Program
Administered by Wilson-McShane Corporation
3001 Metro Drive, Suite 500
Bloomington, MN 55425
UCWCP Member Services: (952) 851-5943

CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE coverage for workers’ compensation is required to be provided to the program annually upon renewal. Please send certificates to:

The program's UNION EMPLOYEE’S GUIDE is required to be provided to all union employees annually. You may download a PDF of the brochure at:
Union Employees Guide

Or for FREE glossy printed brochures, please send a request with the number needed and the name and address to whom the brochures should be sent to:


Kevin Gregerson: Program Administrator

Kevin Gregerson has been the administrator of the Union Construction Workers' Compensation Program since July 1, 1997. Mr. Gregerson also provides consulting services to trade unions and councils, employer associations and workers’ compensation insurers in multiple states to assist in the development of these unique programs. He is a regular speaker at the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans; he has spoken at conferences of: IMPACT, NMAPC, TUAC, FMCS, Building and Construction Trade’s Legislative Conference, LIUNA, IUPAT, Finishing Industries, and SMARCA.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Gregerson worked for the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry as a policy analyst, writing the Administrative Regulations pertaining to negotiated workers’ compensation programs. He assisted interested parties in understanding and developing successful programs. Prior to that position, he conducted Administrative Conferences to resolve workers’ compensation claim disputes for five years.

While at the Department, Mr. Gregerson also served a four-year term as the Executive Membership Secretary for a 7,000-member public employee union, where he was involved in grievance resolution, contract negotiations and membership services.

Sandy Stoddard: Member Services Director

Sandy Stoddard oversees Member services for the Union Construction Workers’ Compensation Program. She is responsible for engaging with employer members, sponsors, trade unions, and health care providers to resolve service concerns and train internal staff. She brings an increased awareness and promotes program participation through discussing the unique services and benefits the program provides.

Ms. Stoddard has a wealth of knowledge and experience in workers’ compensation and construction risk management working within the insurance industry for 19 years prior to joining the UCWCP. She has been a strong supporter of the UCWCP since she began her career in workers’ compensation claims.

Ames Gascoigne: Member Services Advisor

Ames Gascoigne supports our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services with timely communication with all parties and the coordination of dispute resolution exams by a member of the program’s Neutral Physician Panel. He also works with the Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) physician research and selection process; and surveying parties (injured employee, employer, claims administrator, plaintiff and defense attorneys) who have worked with members of our Exclusive Rehabilitation Consultant Network (i.e., Qualified Rehabilitation Consultants) to assess outcomes and satisfaction.

Mr. Gascoigne has completed Minnesota’s Workers’ Compensation Claims Adjuster training program and has extensive experience in managing call-center customer service operations and working closely with Minnesota union Taft Hartley trust funds.

Maryza Merino: Senior Program Representative

Maryza Merino provides management of the UCWCP support functions that serve the needs of our participants, employer members, and sponsors. She has been involved with all aspects of the program and is vital to the operation of the UCWCP.

Ms. Merino’s responsibilities include management of program support, database management, generating reports for Trustees, union trades, contractors, insurance companies and insurance brokers, program marketing and website updates, audit functions, and payroll verification.