Making Workers' Compensation Work Right for Minnesota's Union Construction Industry


Welcome to the Union Construction Workers’ Compensation Program

The abbreviated information below will assist both the injured union worker and the participating contractor in the Union Construction Workers’ Compensation Program-UCWCP.

We are sorry that there has been an injury and we hope the recovery allows for a quick return-to-work at full wages and benefits (fringe benefits are not reimbursed by work comp).

Here are a few tips on what to do next. Detailed information on the UCWCP’s services can be found on other sections of this Web Site.

Reporting Injuries

Minnesota law requires that if the injury requires medical care, the employer must complete a First Report of Injury-FROI form with their workers’ compensation insurance provider; and provide a copy to the injured worker.

Obtaining Medical Care

Except for a life-threatening emergency or a very minor injury appropriate for urgent care, medical treatment must be obtained from a physician in the UCWCP’s medical network.

Many contractors designate an Occupational Medicine clinic for all work-injury care. If you are not sure, ask the contractor’s safety director. It is common for a foreman or safety director to schedule and attend the appointment in order to coordinate light-duty work.

Dealing with the Work Comp Claim Administrator

After the injury report is filed, a claims administrator may contact both the injured employee and employer several times to obtain information. The adjuster is required to investigate the cause and nature of the injury. Always return phone calls or emails quickly. If the injury causes total disability, the wage-replacement benefits should be issued within 14 days.

Confused or concerned?

The UCWCP provides a Dispute Resolution Facilitator to help anyone involved in the injury-just call or email. The facilitator will listen to your concerns and try to address them to your satisfaction, but does not give legal advice. Most problems can be resolved this way – quickly and effectively.