Making Workers' Compensation Work Right for Minnesota's Union Construction Industry


The UCWCP Trustees have created a select list of experienced Qualified Rehabilitation Consultants (QRCs) to provide assistance to injured union members and their contractors. The members of the Exclusive Rehabilitation Consultant Network have a stated mission to ensure that:

• Injured workers receive medical treatment from the most appropriate physicians.

• All the parties to a claim receive timely and accurate information regarding the medical and vocational status.

• A prompt and safe return to union work, wages and benefits is achieved whenever possible.

• If a return to the trade is no longer possible, vocational rehabilitation or retraining is provided to allow for a successful transition into other gainful employment.

These QRCs understand the demands of the construction industry, and are known for their professionalism, medical expertise, neutrality and excellent communication skills with physicians, injured workers and employers.

The injured employee, the employer, and their insurer are required to only use the QRCs in this network for the provision of statutory rehabilitation services.

Here is a list of the Exclusive Rehabilitation Consultant Network.