Making Workers' Compensation Work Right for Minnesota's Union Construction Industry




  Effective April 1, 2024:
  Dave Perkins Contracting, Inc.

  Effective June 1, 2024:
  DNS Heating & Cooling, LLC

  Effective July 1, 2024:
  Enclose Construction Solutions, LLC
  Fischer Mining, LLC

NEW! Podcast: Collectively Bargained Workers Compensation: Improving Outcomes for Employers and Employees

After decades of skyrocketing insurance premiums and protracted litigation over injured worker benefits, construction trade unions and their employers persuaded Minnesota's legislature to pass legislation in 1995 allowing for an alternative workers compensation system. The goals of the program were simple: focus attention on a safe and immediate return to light-duty work, ensure the best medical treatment protocols are followed, and achieve a return to pre-injury wages and benefits as soon as possible. The results over 24 years have exceeded expectations. This month, we had a chance to visit with two experts from the Union Construction Workers' Compensation Program: Kevin Gregerson and Sandy Stoddard. Kevin and Sandy shared their perspectives on the history, benefits, achievements, and future of the ADR program in Minnesota.

Sponsoring Insurance Providers:

AmTrust North America became a sponsoring insurance provider as of MARCH 1, 2022. Union contractors that are insured with AmTrust for workers’ compensation coverage are now eligible to join the UCWCP, and receive a 5% premium credit for their remaining policy term.


NEW digital tools and documents are now available.
A UCWCP Program introduction video was created to help contractors and participants understand what to do when an injury occurs.
Digital tools and resources were developed and made accessible through the UCWCP website for members to use at any time and from any location. Tools include:

  • “Identifying a Designated Medical Care Provider”
  • “Establishing a Designated Provider Relationship”
  • “How to Get a Return to Work in 3 Days”
  • “Ensure a Successful Return to Work through Light Duty”

Click here to visit the Program Documents page.


The Board of Trustees approved no change to the formula for calculating subscription fees: it remains at 2022 calendar-year union-only payroll multiplied by .0012. There is also no change to the minimum amount of Assessed payroll of $800,000, resulting in a minimum annual fee of $960, or to the maximum amount of Assessed payroll of $8,291,667, resulting in a maximum annual fee of $9,950.


The UCWCP is a Taft-Hartley Trust, qualified pursuant to Internal Revenue Code 501 (c) (9). As such, an audit of the Trusts’ financial statements and net assets is completed annually by an independent auditor. For the 2022 calendar year, the trust has again obtained the highest quality rating based upon generally accepted accounting principles.