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The UCWCP does not allow the employer, insurer, injured employee or their attorneys to arrange for and use independent medical examinations (IME). Instead, upon request of either party, the UCWCP arranges for an opinion from one of the neutral physician examiners approved by the Board of Trustees for this purpose.

These medical examiners have been selected based upon several criteria, such as timeliness of reports, thoroughness of examinations, opinions based upon sound medical reasoning and an accurate review of all records.

All parties are allowed to provide their own information to the neutral examiner to consider, but only through the Program. Copies of correspondence from the Program to the neutral examiner as well as the examination report are provided to all parties. As a result, the majority of the opinions from these neutral examiners are not disputed by either party.

Only one examination is allowed per disputed issue. However, if there is a legitimate concern about the examiner’s findings, either party may request clarification through an addendum report or the formal deposition of the examiner.

The neutral physician examiners can offer an opinion on any of the following topics:

• Diagnosis, prognosis and ‘best practice’ treatment protocols

• Primary and subsequent causation; and apportionment of liability

• The nature, extent and duration of a condition

• Reasonableness and necessity of past medical care

• Reasonableness and necessity of proposed medical care such as surgery, injections, medications, diagnostic procedures, etc.

• Restrictions that are either temporary or permanent

• Attainment of Maximum Medical Improvement

• Permanent partial disability ratings

Our listing of neutral examiners includes detailed information on specialties and sub-specialties.

To request an examination from one of our neutral physicians, contact the UCWCP:

How to Contact the UCWCP:

UCWCP Member Services: (952) 851-5943
E-mail: [email protected]